Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gym Germs - No need to befriend these guys at the gym!

Bringing your own mat to the gym...

...seemed like a good idea all summer - after all, who wants to use a mat you know has already seen its share of sit-ups? But as flu season gets underway, it's now looking like an even better idea than ever!

Any personal mat is better than sharing with the rest of the club, but the best mat of all is one that has anti-microbial properties. Sound complicated? It's not. Just take a peek at our Anti-Microbial Mat.

This mat's exclusive 5/8" thick closed-cell Durafoam (TM) will offer you that extra edge of protection against germs. It prevents bacterial growth and odor, and won't wash off over time.

So consider yourself protected - and remember: it's OK not to befriend absolutely
everyone at the gym!

How-To #2: Core Strength Builder

Do you know how important core strength is, but just don’t know how to go about building it? Here is one simple exercise to get you started. All you need is a Training Ball and a little floor space!

Training Ball Crunch:

a) Lie on the ball with it centered under your lower back, feel flat on the ground, shoulder-width apart.

b) Fold arms across your chest.

c) Curl your upper torso up and in until your shoulder blades – not your back – are off the ball.

d) Focus on the contraction in your abs for two seconds, then slowly return to your start position.

~ 8 reps is a good place for beginners to start – and build up from there! ~

Harbinger’s Training Ball can also be used to build core strength through leg curls, leg crunches, push ups, wall sits, and buttocks lifts.

Just go to, select Gear Guides, and then select an accessory from the Choose a Guide drop-down menu to download your training guide (pdf). Each training guide has general guidelines on how to use each Harbinger accessory.

Ready? Set? Start!

Is your routine lacking the 'oomph' it had before?

Some days it's harder to feel energized than others.

You're still making it to the gym 4 days a week, but with less daylight and just as many demands at home, or in the office, you may be feeling a bit less than enthused. That's when you need to inject something new.

Ever used a balance trainer? It's a great tool for challenging yourself in a new way. Whether you're focusing on core strength or your overall balance, the balance trainer is a fun way to mix it up.

Lucky you: there are 13 different exercises illustrated on Harbinger's balance trainer Gear Guide. So hop on and feel your "oomph" again!