Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gym Germs - No need to befriend these guys at the gym!

Bringing your own mat to the gym...

...seemed like a good idea all summer - after all, who wants to use a mat you know has already seen its share of sit-ups? But as flu season gets underway, it's now looking like an even better idea than ever!

Any personal mat is better than sharing with the rest of the club, but the best mat of all is one that has anti-microbial properties. Sound complicated? It's not. Just take a peek at our Anti-Microbial Mat.

This mat's exclusive 5/8" thick closed-cell Durafoam (TM) will offer you that extra edge of protection against germs. It prevents bacterial growth and odor, and won't wash off over time.

So consider yourself protected - and remember: it's OK not to befriend absolutely
everyone at the gym!

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