Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mobile Gym - Harbinger Fitness Accessories

Summer is upon us and it's a great time to get out of the gym, but still maintain your personal fitness routine.

Why not take your Harbinger Fitness training equipment outdoors this summer for some fresh air and vitamin D?

Selene Yaeger is a Health Journalist and recently wrote an article in Prevention Magazine which gave outdoor fitness examples entitled, "Summer Strength Training."
"You can skip the gym and enjoy the warm weather and sunshine without sacrificing a firm body. The sculpted arms, tight abs, and toned legs that normally come from gym workouts are still possible without picking up a dumbbell or staying indoors."
Harbinger suggest you mix up your gym routine with some mobile Harbinger Fitness accessories that can withstand the outdoors. Along with any other hand held Harbinger Fitness product, we suggest the following for outdoor use:

The Rolled Durafoam Mat is perfect for offering a more comfortable surface during outdoor stretching, floor exercises and Pilates.

Try the Beaded Rope for cardio warm up that provides a smooth, consistent swing motion. This rope is highly durable so it's the perfect match for the outdoors.

If you're not a fan of push ups, then you haven't tried Harbinger's Push Up Bars that evenly distribute weight and increase comfort during training!

Maximize your muscle development with our Hand Grips. Designed to keep your hand in the proper position and prevent slippage when exercising.

Drop the metal free weights and grab a Harbinger Fitness Weighted Fitness Ball with Velcro Strap that offers a customized fit during lunges, abdominals, stretching and and leg curls.

Maximize the lifespan of your equipment! After you complete your sets, place your fitness accessories back inside to keep them away from the harsh rays of the sun. In between use, set products on soft surfaces. Avoid rocks, sidewalks or rough ground.

Happy Health,
Harbinger Fitness

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