Thursday, September 9, 2010

How Important Is Cardiovascular Cross-Training? Part 5 by Michael George

This is the last in a series of training blog posts by celebrity trainer and Harbinger friend Michael George. Whenever possible, we like to bring you some of the top fitness experts in the country, like Michael, who trains celebrities, athletes and just regular folks, too!

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Cross-Training is Key
by Michael George BS, NASM, ACE, AFAA

By participating in diversified cardio activities you will be more enthusiastic and eager to do the activity and your cardio- workouts will become much more effective and efficient. In this day and age where everything needs to be done yesterday, this is important. So if you have hit that plateau, don’t get frustrated - try a different cardio activity such as jumping rope with Harbinger’s speed rope or 2 lb PVC weighted rope and break through the barrier.

By participating in a conglomerate of various cardio activities you will also challenge yourself to learn new skills and it’s also a great way to keep your cardio exercise interesting and fresh. For instance, say you always ride a bike, whether it’s in the gym or outside. Play a game of basketball or volleyball. You might feel awkward at first but through practice you will get better and more proficient at each skill. You can take it outside and go for a hike. Who knows you might even find a new sport or activity you like so much that it becomes a hobby or regular activity in your life.
What about taking a boxing class and learning some self defense in the process? You can use Harbinger's Wrist Wrap bag gloves for boxing and MMA.

How about taking a step class or a dance aerobic class and gaining some balance and agility skills? Remember you don’t have to be perfect from the get go. Everyone has a learning curve and has to start from the same place, the beginning. Even if you try a new activity and really give it a chance, but find it isn’t for you. You still learn something, what you don’t like. Don’t give up. Try another cardio activity. Eventually you will find a whole spectrum of cardio activities you enjoy.
Could you use a new friend or group of friends? Most people are interested in making new friends. Participating in different cardiovascular activities or sports can provide you with a very fun and relaxed way to meet new people. Health clubs and sporting events are excellent healthy choices for developing new friendships. They provide you the opportunity to meet people with diverse backgrounds who care enough about themselves to pursue recreation and a healthy lifestyle. What better way to start a new romance than by spending quality time together in a healthy environment.


Michael George is a Personal Health Coach, Fitness Expert, Speaker and the Author of "Body Express Makeover." Michael facilitates and conducts wellness programs, workshops, seminars and motivational speaking lifestyle transformation, self-empowerment and wellness principles. His Los Angeles-based company; Michael George Enterprises, can be reached at (310) 575-3500 or on the web at

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