Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Core Strengthening with a Balance Trainer

A Balance Trainer is the perfect training tool to strengthen your core, specifically your abdomen, pelvis and lower back. It's a 13" wide inflated disc that's 3" high, with a smooth and nibbed side.

Designed to be an unstable training platform the Balance Trainer makes you work extra hard. It challenges you to use these core muscles to control balance and stability, increasing your core strength and overall stamina. The Balance Trainer can be used standing, kneeling, sitting or for floor training like push-ups.

The secret to using a Balance Trainer most effectively is to maintain good posture and form. This means, keeping your core engaged (the rib cage lifted, drawing your navel to your spine), while keeping your back in its natural position, not arched or leaning forward.

You can find the Balance Trainer at local resellers (search for them here) or through

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