Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fat Loss, Energy and Sticking with it

Walk or Run for fat loss

A recent study conducted at the University of New Mexico shows that both walking and running are very effective for weight loss and weight management. Although you will generally burn calories faster running, being patient and walking will do the trick as well. One practical tip for increasing the rate at which you burn calories is to add some resistance to your walking. Try using very light hand weights for your shorter walks in the beginning. Make sure that the weight is light enough so that your normal walking mechanics are not changed. You can increase your caloric output by as much as 15% by doing this.

Eat for energy

One of the biggest myths of weight loss is understanding not only what to eat but also when. We are designed to be grazers, meaning that we should eat throughout the day. This does two things. First, it is much easier to metabolize smaller amounts of food, and two, when you eat small and frequently you will find that your energy level stays much more consistent. And despite all of the hype of high protein/no carbs or high carbs/no protein, balance is the key. Try a variety of mixes in order to see which sustains your energy the best.

Strength Training to lose fat
Strength training is an absolutely essential way to lose fat. By completing a concise, appropriately intense strength training session you will burn calories for many more hours following your workout than you would by just doing cardiovascular exercise. Concentrate on major muscle groups and simple exercises. Hand and ankle weights are as effective as a $2000 machine when used effectively and consistently.

21 Days To Health
Research and our work with over 30,000 individuals from a variety of walks of life confirm the following. It takes 21 days for a new discipline to become a habit. That’s only 3 weeks. How long have you been trying to get fit, lose weight, start that new sport? How often have you started and stopped? 

Setting a very actionable goal is the first step. Opening your planner and scheduling in time for exercise to help you accomplish it for the next 3 weeks, will increase your chances 60% of reaching that goal. From there, as any long-term exerciser will tell you, it becomes a habit.

Written by Gregory Florez, president of First Fitness, Inc., a personal fitness and education company providing fitness, business strategy and sales training to the fitness industry, as well as professional certification and business development services.


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