Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Harbinger Fitness FlexFit Gloves giveaway from @pri_barros

Harbinger has been teaming up with Bloggers from around the world to offer their followers free Harbinger Fitness products. After a blogger expresses interest in our brand, reviews a product of their choice, snaps some pics and presents a giveaway plan - the blogging begins!

The current giveaway is a pair of Harbinger Fitness FlexFit Gloves from Priscila Barros in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Priscila is a self-titled Beauty Blogger who has enjoyed Harbinger products for years. As soon as @pri_barros gets 700 Twitter followers, Priscila will choose a winner of the FlexFit Gloves. You can read about Priscila's giveaway on her wordpress blog,

If you are a blogger and you're interested in hosting a Harbinger Fitness giveaway, contact or send us a tweet at @HarbingerFit.


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